Located approximately 70 Km south of the capital Male, on the island of Thinadhoo, atoll of Vaavu "Felidhoo", Rai Nika Beach is a guest house offering a dream-like holiday in crystal clear waters, deserted atolls, fine white sandy beaches and brightly coloured fish. A different kind of holiday, a full immersion in the Maldivian nature, among the islanders, continuously discovering the simple and daily life together with the authenticity of the people.


The official religion is Sunni Islam. The official and common language is Dhivehi. Our Maldivian staff fluently speaks english and a director will be always on site.
The currency is the Maldivian rufiyaa. The exchange is = 15/16 Maldivian rufiyaas for 1 USD. You can exchange Euro and Dollars at the airport bank, but it's advisable not to change too much money because Maldivian rufiyaas are not accepted out of Maldives, instead dollars are well accepted everywhere on the islands.


Local time in Maldives is 5 hours ahead of GMT, or 4 hours during daylight savings time.

Temperature can vary between 31°C and 34°C during the day and between 26°C – 28°C at night, all year long.

Between June and October Maldives may be affected by the southwest monsoon, which can cause sporadic rains and winds.