Because of the practiced Sunni Islam religion, it is strictly prohibited to import: Alcoholic drinks, magazines for adults, holy images, food containing pork It is also prohibited to import fishing gun for divers, narcotic drugs (severly punished), and to take any kind of fish or shell / coral from the sea. Topless is prohibited. On the island you'll be in touch with the islanders, as a matter of respect we suggest to wear:
For women: to dress up, especially covering shoulders, abdomen and knees
For men: short pants and t-shirt
It is allowed to wear a bathing suit on the beaches reserved for the guests


For the stay it's necessary a passport valid at least for 6 months.
Please previously inform yourself about visa issuance.
No vaccinations are required, but it's advisable to bring with you generic drugs.


It's advisable to bring high protection sun cream, hydrating cream, lip stick, insect repellent (ex: autan), sun glasses, hats, underwater mask, flippers, mouthpiece, rubber shoes.